FUzKUz Native Smilies

You like Trillian? But you’re missing the native smilies of the original messenger?
Then this is exactly what you are looking for!

You’ll have smilies from:

-ICQ             -WLM          -Yahoo!      -MySpaceIM        -Google Talk 
-Skype          -Facebook            -meinVZ        -AIM

Latest Version: v5.5.0 150504

Just open the installer and follow instructions =)

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54 comments on “FUzKUz Native Smilies

  1. How do I uninstall your emoji pack? There are too many for my screen, and other people cannot see them, so I need to uninstall. Please describe how to do that.

  2. Hi! Nice, really nice!
    Maybe it’s possible to chosse for Astra, which emoticons set as default? I really like to use Emojis or Skypes’ for Astra. :-)

  3. Oh yeah, one thing – PLEASE remove the Google Talk smilies, it won’t default to the Hangout ones despite being on Hangouts.

  4. Love your icon sets. My only wish is to have an option to make them display bigger at times. For example in the mobile messenger type apps like chaton you can put a # in front of a word or icon and it will be displayed a lot bigger. So basically would like the option to have normal and bigger size icons. I expect that would be more of a trillian coding thing but is there any way to do the same icon pack in a bigger resolution as an alternative?

    • you know that only YOU (or other people using my pack) will see the icons bigger ?
      the other problem is that i dont have a “bigger” source of all of the smilies :/

  5. Good work. Please. When i writte e.g :), I want see google hangouts emojis. Now I see Google talk emojis.

  6. I don’t have any questions or any problems. I just wanted to thank you. You are the best developer. You respond to every comment and you make an amazing product. THANK YOU FUzKUz!

  7. The plugin is awesome! You rock!
    I’m waiting for new secret skype econs – like (captain) and (cat)

  8. Sorry, but how can I choose default emoticon set? It uses google talk ugly-emoticons as default, but I want hangout emots as default, can I change it? Additionally I would like to delete all other emots except hangout ones. Please, help..

    • maybe i remove the g.talk smilies in the next update (no ETA).
      removing all other will be a problem because not all messengers uses emojis

      • So couldn’t you make some option to choose which set of emots will be default? It would fix a lot of pain I guess. Please, consider it.

        Thank you!

      • This is really all we need. Just take out the Google Talk all together and Hangouts will start using the Hangout Emojis that you so awesomely added in the last update.

        No need to give yourself extra work, just take out Google Talk.

  9. Hello, this works pretty well for the most part. I mostly use Hangouts through Trillian. However, I don’t want to use the GMail emoticons. I only want to use the Hangouts emoticons. I had someone send me through Hangouts app a bunch of the emoticons, and, for the most part, they were right. But, there were still a lot of them that came out as the ones you using when writing an e-mail. How can I configure this? Can I remove them altogether?


  10. Thanks so much for these. We use skype at work but I prefer Trillian. Unfortunately some people really like to use emoticons and sometimes their messages didn’t make sense without the icons. Now I see all the skype emoticons. You rock!!

  11. Will you be updating and transitioning the Google Talk smileys to Google Hangouts? Google Talk is no more, it has all been replaced with Google Hangouts. I hope so! They have the best set of smileys and the service is growing rapidly.

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  13. Hi,
    I used FUzKUz Native Smilies on Windows 7 before and was very happy with it. Now I upgraded to Windows 8 and it doesnt let me install the smilies pack (“This App cant run on your PC”). How can I install it now?

  14. hola!

    gracias por este espectacular paquete de emoticonos ^^ me fascino el de skype… de hecho, por este post me entere que trillian aun trabajaba con el protocolo de skype, ahora no tengo que tener instalado el skype en la pc ^^.

    un beso y muchas gracias!

    • muchas gracias
      es genial cuando la gente dice gracias por
      y gracias por el beso :D

      ( i hope google translate did a good job :D )

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  16. after this update, my kolobok icq smiles have changed to ICQ basic (a half of them). How to change back?

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  18. Thanks a lot! I looked everywhere specially for the icq-smilies and here is it additionally with easy installation…great work :)

  19. Hi,
    what do I have to do to remove the ICQ-Icons (and replace them by the general ones provided by Trillian) but keep all the others included in the Emoticon Set?

  20. Hey, where’s the msn emoticons? I just installed FUzKUz Native Smilies, followed the instructions, but dont see any msn emo…

    • Hi, the msn icons will only shown if u write with msn contacts. Do u select the smiley Pack in the Settings? What smilies do u see? Maybe u can make a Screen?

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