Wellcome to fuzkuz.com  =)

after a long time i decided to use an offical internet address =)
and here it is but i have to do a little update to my Packs to
be sure that they will work for the future with this address.
(i hope everything works :P)

for those who are still getting the update notification for the Smilies
plz download the pack again for fixing (thx Matei for reporting)
Photo Cloud Deleter fixed too :(

Native Smilies 5.4.2

Native Icons 5.4

Photo Cloud Deleter 1.3

2 comments on “www.fuzkuz.com

  1. Hi! After downloading the native smileys pack (and any other file form your website) i get na installer integrity error :( I tried downloading on different browsers multiple times and it is always the same :( Can you fix it? Or upload the smileys pack to a mirror maybe? I would be very grateful :)

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