FUzKUz Native Smilies 5.3

after a long time i’m pushing a new update for the native smilies =)
Main feature are the animated Skype smilies and the update of the
Updater Plugin which now contains the smiley settings.
[wpdm_file id=2][wpdm_file id=5]
v5.3.0 130329

– add animated skype 5.5 smilies
– add :'(  to crying skype smiley (thx to aPollO)
– add O.o facebook smiley
– add >:( 3.1 trillian smiley
– add €-D 3.1 trillian smiley

– add Update Plugin v1.5 :
—- remove update-messagewindow
—- add update notification in trillian style
—- add settingswindow
—- add newsfeed feature
—- add backup updateserver
—- move options from installer to plugin