Wellcome to fuzkuz.com  =)

after a long time i decided to use an offical internet address =)
and here it is but i have to do a little update to my Packs to
be sure that they will work for the future with this address.
(i hope everything works :P)

for those who are still getting the update notification for the Smilies
plz download the pack again for fixing (thx Matei for reporting)
Photo Cloud Deleter fixed too :(

Native Smilies 5.4.2

Native Icons 5.4

Photo Cloud Deleter 1.3

FUzKUz Native Smilies 5.4

the popular emoji form mobile devices joined the Native Smilies

hope u like it =)

v5.4 131008

– add emoji support
– add :poop: to Facebook
– add Plugin v1.5.1 (bugfix release)

Native Icons v5.3.1

A new update for the Native Icons.
New installer..
New options…
New skype icons…

v5.3.1.0 130514
– add skype v6 Icons
– add options to plugins settings
—- use grey offline icons for MSN and ICQ
—- use skype v5 icons
– add update plugin v1.5

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Photo Cloud Deleter v1.2

and one more :D
new options to disable the contactlist entry
and to use the standard browser

v1.2 130430

– add option to disable contactlist entry
– add option to use standard browser
– fix build-in browser css problem

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Photo Cloud Deleter v1.1

Here comes an update for my Trillian Cloud Photo Deleter Plugin.
I fixed some bugs that occurs with other plugins.
There is also a build-in browser to the new Trillian Cloud interface.

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