Native Status Icons v5.3.0

First update for Trillian 5.3 which supports the new Astra groupchat
also add new “not in list” and a few “mobile” icons if Trillian support it someday.

The Update plugin shows now Trillian notification instead of the messagebox
if an update is available and it got a little newsfeed feature to inform about
new projects.
[wpdm_file id=1][wpdm_file id=4]

v5.3.0.0 12121

– fixed linkedin service helper (thx to Zoltan Kozma)
– fixed “not in list” icons
– add new “not in list” icons
– add groupchat icons
– add new mobile Meta contact icon
– add new META away, idle, busy icon
– add new META dnd, na icon
– add new LinkedIN recent-offline icon
– add new LinkedIN recent-online icon
– add new ICQ auth icon
– add new GOOGLE mail icon
– add new Facebook recent online icon
– add new Facebook auth icon
– add new Facebook mail icon
– add smoother Twitter on/off icon
– add smoother Twitter service helper
– add blue Twitter notifications
– changed Jabber away icon from sandglass to clock
– improved some ICQ icons
– define some Meta contact status
– add Update Plugin v1.4 :
—- remove update-messagewindow
—- add update notification in trillian style
—- add settingswindow
—- add newsfeed feature

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